Natural Beauty || Portrait Photographer

This is one of the most gorgeous woman of all time and I am lucky enough to call her my Grandma!
This woman is the most adventurous, kind and loving woman you will ever know! You probably will never meet anyone like her! 

My Grandma has a zip line in her back yard, she went sky diving on her 80th birthday and has been all around the world! I hope to be like her some day! She has so much love for all of her kids, grand-kids and great grand-kids!! I just love visiting her and hearing about all of her adventures! 

I am so grateful that she said yes to me taking some photos of her on her front porch and in her favorite spot of her yard! I will always cherish this little memory with her!! She is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love you Grandma! Thanks for being the perfect model! You are a natural! <3

All You Need Is Love || Family Photographer

I am SO excited to share photos of the people who make our family SO awesome!!! Keep in mind we are missing my Auntie Margaret, who had to leave early before these pictures were taken, and Grandpa Bill who has been in Heaven for many, many years now. 

These five original McArthur's are who started it all!!! Serious, we would not be the amazing McArthur clan with out these five and their spouses!! I have looked up to every one of these people all my life and look forward to seeing them every time we have a family gatherings! I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing family who has such dedication and love for one another!

I love all of these photos so much but I'm really proud of the first photo! I was getting my settings adjusted and happened to look up as my Auntie Carol and Uncle Craig were playing with Grandmas front porch bear, my dad was trying to make the McArthur sign more visible and my Uncle Gary was trying to figure out what the heck was going on haha :) They were not really ready for this shot but I think it's the perfect capture of how they all are together!

I could continue on forever about my family so I'll just finish by saying, I am so proud to be a McArthur and will always be proud to be a part of this family!!!!


Of course we had to get one with everyone!! Could this picture be any more perfect???? I mean seriously look at all of these good looking people! My goodness we come from good genes! :)

Oh and if you couldn't tell my beautiful mom is the one in red to the right of my grandma and my dad is the handsome man hugging my mom!! I love these people so much! :) 

Thanks so much to all of the people in this picture for all of your hard work and love to make us the family we are today!! We love you all!!! <3

This all came because of them!! "All You Need Is Love!!"

My Family Reunion || Family Photographer

Meet my cousins from my dad's side of the family ... well some of them!! :)

Each reunion we take a big group picture and this year we decided to take two because we had some people show up to the reunion after the first group shot! :)

I am so blessed to be a part of such a big beautiful family!!! It is the best when we all get together!

Family really is where the heart is!! I can't wait till our next reunion! 

Here are the big group shots that we took during the reunion!

*I also want to give a big shout out to the two people who were willing to hold the camera for us and snap these shots!! I forgot my tripod and was very grateful for their help!! :) 

These first two shots were taken by our friend Rick M.

These first two shots were taken by our friend Rick M.

These last two group shots were taken by a lady whom I did not know but we are grateful for her help! :)

These last two group shots were taken by a lady whom I did not know but we are grateful for her help! :)

*** Side note to all my family if you want a copy of these photos just email me at and I'll send you the link as soon as I can! :)

I also have a big stack of photos from the reunion so if you want those too ask for them specifically! :) 

Here is a little sample of what I have from the talent show!! :) Love you all!

.... Oh and don't forget to "Let it Go!" ;)