FARF 5K || Fanconi Anemia Super Hero Run

This past Saturday I was asked by my friend Emily if I would volunteer to be the photographer at a photo booth for the Fanconi Anemia Super Hero 5k Run!! I have learned a little about Fanconi Anemia, that it is a rare cancer-prone disease and that it has an average lifespan of 33 years. The run was held in honor of 3 cute little boys Blake, Isaac and Avery. My friend Emily's adorable son is Blake. I can honestly say I don't know much more about the disease but I am learning. 

It was so heart-warming to see all of the support and love radiate from all of the runners and kids that were there fighting Fanconi Anemia! I have never had the opportunity to volunteer my photography for something like this before but I am SO glad that I did!! I had so much fun taking pictures of true life super heros! These men and women, boys and girls are so inspiring as they fight everyday against Fanconi Anemia and even those who came to help fight for the day! It was truly an amazing experience!

If you all want to know more about Fanconi Anemia visit FARF5K.com

Blake is the little boy pictured first with Mr. Incredible and Spiderman! His Mom (Emily), Dad and little brother are pictured in the second photo! :)

"Everyday heros fighting Fanconi Anemia!!"

Visit FARF5K.com for more information and to help fight Fanconi Anemia with these amazing super heros!