Bills Family


I took these pictures a little while ago and I'm sad it has taken me this long to blog about them. I never know how to put in words what I am feeling and sometimes I can write a little too much, making blogging a little hard and overly time consuming.

With that all being said this is my brother and sister-in-law and their cute son and soon to be daughter! They are a family that is close to my families heart! We were not always close but we always wanted to be, unfortunately life and misunderstandings kept getting in the way! I think Heavenly Father saw this as an opportunity and knew the best way to bless us would be to send us both sweet little boys a month apart from each other! These two little boys LOVE each other so much and are the best of friends when they get together! Thomas is always taking about my son Jarom and Jarom is always talking about their son Thomas! It melts our hearts! We LOVE getting the two of them together as much as possible even though we are all so far apart! Aunts and Uncles are the best and cousins are even better!!

For those who know Kristina & Steven, you know that these pictures were taking while sweet little Katelyn was still in Kristina's tummy and that they have since had our ADORABLE little niece, Katelyn, we can not wait to meet her! We hope to follow quickly behind with one of our own but until then we are SO excited to have another cousin for Jarom!! Now Jarom has a total of 5 fun cousins from the Bills side of the family!! We LOVE this little family and we love even more that we are all growing closer with time! Family really is EVERYTHING and we are blessed to have so many amazing family members!

Steven and Kristina are AMAZING parents I have SO much love and respect for them! They truly are amazing and I am blessed to call them my family!
PS These photos were taken while we were visiting the BEAUTIFUL Utah State and I had the WONDERFUL opportunity of using my sister-in-laws (Kristina's) studio! Makes me long to be back in Utah!



Soller Wedding


Judy & Levi both met while serving in the Colorado, Colorado Springs mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. One Day Judy, Levi and many other missionaries from their mission were hiking when Levi had a horrible accident and fell about 120 feet down a mountain, Judy ran to his side to help when she had a undeniable feeling that she couldn't live her life without this man. She shrugged the feeling off though not really knowing why that thought would cross her mind. After the incident they continued on and Levi ended up returned home to his family, not long after Judy returned home from her mission and the two of them ended up getting in contact. They talked about their passions and clicked right away, it was in a way that was on a totally different level that soon after they fell in love and Levi eventually proposed to Judy Atlanta Georgia Temple.

The whole wedding was BEAUTIFUL. I was blown away that it was all decorated and put together by Judy's mom and sisters. Judy wore a beautiful white dress from A Dressy Occasion and Levi wore a handsome blue suit from Khols. Judy's sister made her GORGEOUS bouquet, Judy's mom made the food for the reception and their wedding cake was made of delicious donuts from TK's donuts in Murrieta. Everything was perfectly put together for a perfect couple!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Soller!!! 


After the San Diego Temple: Luncheon photos at Boulder Ranch, Fallbrook CA and Reception in Murrieta CA