Our little Man


Two years ago today I was laying in a hospital bed with my sweet husband nearby. We were tired, confused and still in shell shock with the events that brought us into the hospital. It was Saturday morning and we had been their since Friday afternoon. We were waiting to hear back about my abnormal test results. They were taking my blood pressure about every half hour and our baby was sitting breech but was holding a strong heart beat. We were told that we would be meeting our little man sooner rather than later and we were not ready!

The results came back and I was diagnosed with sudden and EXTREME preeclampsia, they quickly prepped me for the O.R. and I had to wrap my mind around a new birth plan. Nathan held my hand as we rolled down the hallways and told me everything was going to be okay. I couldn't hold back my tears, so many mixed feelings and emotions but the moment they raised our sweet boy over the screen our hearts were stolen and we knew Heavenly Father had blessed us with someone amazing.

Now our little man is two years old and everyday he steals our hearts all over again. Little man loves everything about life!! He LOVES books, food, music, sunglasses, airplanes, swimming, his stuffed animals (mainly giraffe and little foot), his friends and SO much more! He is learning everyday and is teaching us everyday! Our lives are blessed a million times over because of this sweet boy! We can not believe he is already TWO!!


Mommy & Daddy love you more than words will ever be able to explain! ♡♡

In honor of his Birthday we went out and took two-year pictures with some of his favorite things! Unfortunately Daddy was not able to join us for these pictures but Little man had lots of fun playing outside with some of his favorite things ♡


Jarom is ONE!!!

My baby Jarom is ONE!! My husband, Nathan, and I can hardly believe that a year ago yesterday evening we welcomed our baby boy into the world! He was two and a half weeks early, which may not seem so early for some of you, but for us it was a big deal!! 

You see my body was doing great through the whole pregnancy up until the end when I went into see the Dr. unexpectedly for something small and they noticed that my protein levels were all of the sudden high. I had gained almost 10 lbs within the week (water weight) and my blood pressure was abnormally high! The next thing I knew they were putting me in a wheel chair and checking me into the hospital saying they were going to watch me and the baby overnight and that we would probably be welcoming our son by Sunday, it was Friday evening!!! I quickly called Nathan so he could come to the hospital and my mom re-booked her flight. We were scared out of our minds!

After a long night of tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable in the hospital bed and a morning of blood draws and fasting, Saturday early afternoon finally came and the test results were in, I was diagnosed with EXTREME Preeclampsia. They told me that my protein levels were through the roof, that in order to be diagnosed with preeclampsia protein levels would be 300+ and mine were 2000+. That is when they told me that our baby would need to come pretty much right now. The problem was Jarom was sitting breech so a natural birth was out of the question so the next thing we knew Nathan was told to get his scrubs on and I was being hooked up to IVs and told by a flurry of Dr's, nurses, anesthesiologists and so on coming in and out explaining what would happen next, it was all a blur really. The next thing we knew I was being pushed down the hallway toward the O.R. Nathan took a picture on his watch as we were separated for a short time as they prepped me and at 8:03pm we welcomed our sweet little Jarom into the world!! 

We have been SO blessed to have him as our son! Happy One Year Baby Boy!!! We love you!!

Enjoy Jarom's celebratory cake smash photos!!!! ❤ ❤