Thompson Family || Washington Family Photographer

This summer we have had a lot of our family visit us here in Washington. It has been WONDERFUL!! Not long ago my cousin and his cute family stop by and stayed with us for a week, they were making their way up to an island in Alaska to serve with the Coast Guard and we are lucky enough to be along their route. We had so much fun exploring Seattle and Jarom LOVED having a little friend to play with (even though he is much older than Jarom). They were so cute together, laughing, playing, holding hands and just plain old being cute together! 

We love that they came to visit us and that they wanted family pictures while they were here! It all worked out so well! We look forward to them coming back soon!! They are going to love their time in Alaska though and we wish them all the best on their new adventure! âĪ

Palak & Roshni || Maternity Photographer

This past Friday my college roommate came to visit and we decided to visit the tulip festival while she was here. While we were enjoying the beautiful flowers we had the wonderful opportunity to meet this adorable couple, Palak and Roshni. They are going to be parents for the first time and I for one am SO excited for them!!! :)

This photo shoot was a random beautiful thing! As my friend, son and I were walking around enjoying all of the tulips we found this beautiful spot that would be perfect to take some pictures, but we weren't the only ones who had this idea there was a cute couple taking pictures, well the husband was taking pictures of his newly pregnant wife, it was SO SWEET! So we decided to step to the side and wait until they were done so we could take some photos of our own ... yeah we were those people.

Anyway while we were waiting I asked if they wanted me to take a couple photos for them, tourist style. Palak agreed and handed me his camera they were so grateful. I took a couple for them on his camera but as I was taking them I kept thinking "why don't you just take some for them on your camera!? That way they can have some photos that are not just a quick snap shot" So I asked them if it would be okay and to my surprise they agreed! They were SO sweet to let me move them around and capture their beauty! They were literally glowing it was beautiful!:) 

I am so grateful to have met both Palak and Roshni and that they let me capture these beautiful photos for them. Congratulations again you both will be great parents!!!

OH and P.S. I'm so sorry I accidentally stole your hair ties! We tried finding you once we realized we still had them but we couldn't find you after . :( All for the photo right? :) I guess all of my future clients should know that I might be a hair tie thief ... haha sorry :/

Daniel & Wendy || Couples Photographer

My absolute favorite sessions are the sessions where I get to capture the love between two people!! Daniel and Wendy are SO adorable!! They make me smile every time I see there pictures! I LOVED the outfits and colors these two picked out for this session! Spring is such a beautiful season for many reasons but some are because the sun comes out more often, the flowers are blooming and love seems to be around every corner!

Daniel and Wendy have been in the middle of prepping themselves for a big move to Alaska! I was sad to hear that they would soon be moving away but I am so glad that we were able to finally make this photo shoot work!! My husband and I have loved getting to know them! They are such an adorable fun couple, it was easy to automatically click with them!! I have loved seeing their love grow, just in the short time we have known them, they have been such a sweet example of how to make your marriage grow together in friendship, laughter and joy everyday! We wish them the VERY best in their new adventure in Alaska!