Zach & Rebecca Houston


Congratulations Zach & Rebecca!!!

I loved being able to work with these two lovely people! Everything about them is so romantic, they met on a blind date and fell in love immediately, it was love at first sight! They love doing simple but fun things like people watching, driving with the windows down and giggling with each other every chance they get! Every time I met with Rebecca about wedding plans I loved watching her face light up when she talked about Zach, you could see the love radiating and the excitement building. When their wedding day came I loved watching the groom as he waits in anticipation for his soon to be bride. You could see that Zach was SO excited and nervous all at the same time. Until his gorgeous bride stepped into the room. Everything seemed to pause and all eyes were on her but the only eyes that mattered were Zachs he was beaming.

Zach & Rebecca I wish you two a long and beautiful life together filled with lots of laughter, love and joy. You both have stepped into an amazing journey together, fight for what you have because it is beautiful and worth fighting for.