Prom Day with Amanda & Hunter || Washington Photographer

I met both Amanda and Hunter for the first time at this photo shoot and was blown away at how happy and fun they both are. These two are so sweet together! There were jokes, smiles and lots of laughter through this photo shoot as I took them up and down the stairs and into the "hidden woods" nearby!

This session was so dreamy. Amanda was gorgeous and the dress she picked complimented her perfectly! Hunter was a stud with his matching flower and light pink accessories! Capturing the details of their outfits was my favorite because sometimes the details get overlooked and it's always fun to remember the details of a special occasion! This first photo makes me smile because it was taken after taking pictures of Amanda's gorgeous shoes, Hunter was jokingly saying that he was starting to feel left out so I not so jokingly said hop in!! After a little hesitation he jumped right in and had a blast showing off his handsome shoes and socks! :)

These two were such a treat to work with! I loved every minute! I have no doubt that their prom night was filled with lots of laughter and many fun memories!!