Hans & Azure || Engagement Photographer

Something amazing happens in the world when two people fall in love. The world becomes brighter, warmer and overall more beautiful! Hans and Azure are one of those couples that makes the world a happier place. They are seriously perfect for each other and couldn't be more in love! 

I just loved spending the evening with these two! Azure is my sweet and very beautiful cousin from my dads side of the family! I was SO excited when she said that she would like me to take her engagement photos! ... Seriously, you can ask my husband I was crazy excited!! :) ...

We took these photos in Salt Lake City's Big Cottonwood Canyon during the Christmas holiday! It was the first time I formally met Hans, he is so sweet to Azure I just loved watching them interact with one another! He brought hand warmers to the shoot so that she would stay warm while we were out in the cold! If that wasn't sweet enough he would always hug her, hold her hand and make sure that she made it everywhere safely! I am so excited for these two to get married, they really are made for each other!

Congratulations Hans and Azure!!