Childs Family || Washington Family Photographer

The Childs family is one of the first families my husband and I met when we moved to Washington! When I first met Renita we clicked immediately and our interaction was filled with laughter, sarcasm and genuine interest for one another. I can honestly say that I am very grateful to have met Renita and her family. We say all the time now that we met for a reason because we are all so alike!

Simone and Ethan are so much like their mom, they are smart, kind, polite and so much more. If you ask Ethan any question ranging from history to facts about the solar system he knows it. Simone is the same, she knows so much about life and even more about style! I have had the opportunity of shopping with her and her mom and I must say my style has changed since meeting them! There is never a dull moment with these three.Their love for one another is amazing. I look up to how strong and independent Renita is, she juggles so many different tasks around with perfection. If she doesn't already take pride in the way she has raised her family she should, because they are as amazing as she is! 

One more thing about the Childs is that you might notice a main component of these pictures is filled with their love for their dog Gus! The first time I met Gus I was greeted with a smile and a stare much like the one in his self portrait, at the bottom of this post. I immediately fell for him as he let me pet him. I later found out that they rescued Gus from a place called Bullseye Dog Rescue here in Washington. This made my heart melt because I think that animals like Gus deserve a chance to be loved by a family such as the Childs! Gus really is like one of the kids in the family. I consider myself lucky to call them my friends!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy their fun family session!