London: Part Two || My Travels

On our second day in London we started in by dropping our luggage at the train station because we were leaving for Paris later that night. We planned to only spend a short time in London at the beginning of our trip because we knew we would be coming back at the end of our trip! :)

This gave us the wonderful opportunity of seeing Platform 9 3/4 and sported some of our Gryffindor spirit!! (I'm a big Harry Potter fan! I could read and re-read those books forever!)

Then we made our way over to Baker Street where the famous Sherlock Holmes is known to be! We have been watching the new BBC series of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and found out that the place where they film their show is not really on Baker street so we went searching and found where they do film the show!! Here is a link to a picture of the location so you can compare ... (Link).

You can read more about our trip on our travel blog There and Back Again... Here is the link to our Second Day in London from our travel blog! :)