Alicia At The Beach || Portrait Photographer

First, my family is probably the BEST looking family in the world and the women in my family are STUNNING ... of course I may be a little biased but I feel it's only fair to let you all know! ;)

These photos are of my beautiful sister Alicia, she and I are really close. Growing up she was and still is one of my best friends! We talk about everything when we get a chance. When we were younger Alicia and I were roommates and while we had times where we would tape the room off and claim our territory we would also talk to one another about our day, boy troubles and so much more until we would fall asleep. I got used to sleeping with the light on while she would study and would anxiously wait up for her when she was out with friends or on a date so we could talk about it! She has always been straight forward with me when I needed direction and she has always been protective and watchful of me as I grew older. We have fought, laughed and cried with one another about a million different things and will continue to do so forever! Alicia has the sweetest spirit and the kindest heart! Alicia is the most loyal, compassionate, loving, down to earth person you will ever know! If you have the opportunity of being her friend you will never regret it! She will care about you forever! Our relationship is my favorite and I am so glad that I am the one blessed to call her my sister! 

All of my sisters have a special place in my heart, we are all very close to one another and I am grateful for that!! When you get all of us together there is no stopping the fun, Alicia and I are just 2 of the 4 sisters in our family! Just add my amazing mom to make 5 and we are all like peas in a pod! As our family grows we add more amazing women and I continue to count my blessings! I really am lucky to have such amazing women in my life who I look up to and love so much!

Anyway, I was really EXCITED for this beach photo shoot with Alicia because it was the first time she asked me to take her photos one on one! I was visiting for 3 weeks in July without my husband because he was starting a new job, so Alicia and I got to be roommates again!! We stayed up late planning her outfit, picking her favorite place at the beach and incorporating her favorite pastime, books! We watched the sun set, played in the sand, danced and laughed a lot! It was so much fun being silly and enjoying each others company!

I love you sis!

(P.S. I put a lot of photos in this post because it was just too hard to choose my favorites! She is too beautiful I had to share as many as I could! Enjoy!)

A man and his dog were walking by but the dog wanted its spot in the camera before they walked to far away! :) haha 

A man and his dog were walking by but the dog wanted its spot in the camera before they walked to far away! :) haha