Bo & Laura || Family Photographer

Meet my cousins Bo, Laura and their three very beautiful girls! There are so many cute things about this family. Some men may think that having a house full of girls might be to much but my cousin Bo is amazing with all of them! 

One time my husband and I went over to their home for a family gathering and we noticed nail polish on Bo's nails. When we asked him about it he let us know that the girls and him were having some sort of dress up day or something fun like that. He said it like it was nothing, like they play dress up all the time! :) Is that not just the sweetest thing? He is such a good father to his little girls.

There are so many cute stories about this family that would make anyone smile but the point is that they are all so cute together, even while taking their pictures! Their youngest daughter had to have her little elephant Elle (spelling?) in the photos. This little elephant goes everywhere with her and was one of the reasons why I was able to get her to smile for the camera. By saying things like "Why look at how big Elle is smiling!"

It was a hot day and they were one of the last groups to have their pictures taken, I am glad they were still smiling!