Gain Your Confidence || Encouraging Post

Blog Challenge #5: A Helpful Post

Happy SATURDAY everyone!!! :) 

I am actually really excited for this post because I get to let you know one little thing that I do to help build my CONFIDENCE in myself before I go to work or do anything that might need me to be at my best! :)  

We all know that we have times of DOUBT and DISCOURAGEMENT but those times should NOT bring us down or DEFINE US! If you are like me you probably have a hard time showing/feeling confident and want to become more confident not only with others but with yourself. Lately I have been reading, listening and researching a lot about many different ways to become more confident and more successful.

In fact I had a LONG conversation with one of my awesome cousins from my husbands side about this very topic. I was having a hard time figuring out what I needed to do to get my business running better and he in my opinion a very successful businessman and he reminded me about a quote that all of us know: "Fake it till you make it!" And what he actually said was "Fake it, Fake it hard and just start!" 

So HOW can I help you get rid of doubt, discouragement and gain a little more confidence?

Well, the best answer I have for you is to start doing what I did read uplifting quotes, books "and just start!" That will get you going, read more self help books and start telling yourself that you are confident and just plain awesome! ;) It sounds really cheesy but we all know that "if you build it, they will come"! ;)

So, start applying to your life the good things that you read and you will find the confidence that is already in you because, let's be honest, you are awesome, confident and talented. You just need to believe in yourself! :)

Here are a couple quotes that I found on the internet to get you started!

Now that you know how I get pumped, I hope it works for you!! So get out there and make magic!! 

Here is a little during and after of a photo shoot where I ended up working "my magic!" And yes I went into this photo shoot prepared with quotes and added a little music, whatever helps you get pumped do it and be awesome!!! :)