Micah & Ahnica || Family Photographer

Background Story:

During my trip to California, in July while my husband was traveling for his job, my dads side of the family had their big family reunion!! This has always been something that we look forward to because we get to see all of our cousins and their families.

Every reunion is so special because there is such a strong bond between all of us. We all love catching up with one another because as we have all grown older we have all gone different ways in life. But when we all get together again its like we never skipped a beat! 

Family Story:

This year we got to meet one of the newest in the family, Linnea. She is such a sweet adorable little girl with amazing parents and really cute siblings who truly are the life of the party! This family is always full of so many smiles and so much adventure. Micah and Ahnica are the so amazing with their kids it was so much fun to watch and be around them all; and Ahnica is so amazing to have come after just having a baby!! I look up to these two so much! I can't wait to see them all again!

These pictures were taken on a beautiful Sunday morning after we all rolled out of our tents and put on our Sunday best! The pictures were a last minute decision that turned out to be a wonderful way to capture the wonderful feelings and memories from this day!


We decided to take a silly picture! This family cracks me up! Love them!