Caleb & Palmyra || Family Photographer

Meet Caleb and Palmyra and their three handsome boys! It has been so much fun watching their family grow through the years. Caleb and Palmyra make such a cute couple and even cuter parents. They have very adventurous boys that keep them on their toes but somehow they still manage to keep their cool. It is so much fun watching and learning from them every time I see them. One day I hope to be as cool as they are! :)

 I wish I had more time one on one with this family because they were all so picture perfect. The first picture that I put up makes me laugh so hard because it just shows these two little boys personalities and thoughts about taking pictures! 


These two cute boys started out like this ... taking pictures on a hot day was the last thing they wanted to do. 


... But once I got big brother Alex on my side, it was magic!

(I love little Jakey's face as he looks up to his older brother for what he should do next, so cute!)