Sneak Peek: My Beautiful Sister || Portrait Photographer

Here is a little teaser from a photo shoot with my sister, Alicia, while I was down in California visiting my family.

My sisters are probably the most beautiful people known to man! I count myself very lucky to be part of such a wonderful family! 

Alicia loves many things but ever since she was a little girl she has always loved her books! Seriously you should see her room, its covered in books! She also has a deep love for the ocean and spends most of her time where these pictures were taken when she gets a break from her busy life!

There has always been a special bond between Alicia and I, I have always looked up to her. She is one reason why I am a photographer and why I majored in what I did. She is always pushing herself and others to be the best they can be! I am so very grateful to have such wonderful sisters to look up to! 

I hope you all enjoy this sneak peek!

("It's raining words!" - Alicia)