Live, Laugh, Love || Family Photographer

This family makes me so happy, not only because they are part of my family but because of the love and joy they share with one another! This is my Aunt and Uncles family and as you can see they all look so good together you can see the love they have for one another! :) We had so much fun joking, laughing and playing as we tried to beat the sun set that day! 

One story from that day is about my aunt and uncle, they are so cute, I am so glad I had the chance to finally capture some of the love I see every time I see them! Okay so the story starts with me finally getting them away from their kids. They were amazing, they smiled and were so cute, picture perfect! What caught me off guard was when I told them to "look at each other", a normal request when you are taking pictures of a couple I thought, but I had no idea the reaction I would get. There was a slight pause and then as they slowly turned to look at each other they immediately, as if on cue, burst into uncontrollable laughter!! HAhaHAha! Seriously there was no stopping it, every time they looked at each other! It was the cutest thing I had ever seen! 

Anyway that is just one experience that helps explain the love they all have for one another and how much fun we all had! I am so happy to get these pictures up for them! I hope you all enjoy them as well! :)

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