The Youngs || Family Photographer

This amazingly strong family is SO close and dear to my heart! They were one of the first families I ever started taking pictures of about 4 years ago and they are still so sweet to let me keep taking their pictures every year! Bryan and Aleta are old friends who helped my husband and I in our courting days. They are a big reason for our relationship starting and I will forever be grateful to them for that! :) 

This past August their precious little girl, Holland, passed away from an aggressive tumor that she had been fighting for a while. She was the sweetest little girl you would have ever met. Even though she was not with us running around, chasing ducks and climbing trees, like we know she would have been doing, we knew that she was there with us! Bryan and Aleta, like I say, are the strongest people I know and I like many others count myself lucky to know them and to have known their amazingly bright little girl Holland.