Hi, I’m Naomi Bills!

I have been blessed by two sweet little boys who have ROCKED my world!

We struggled for almost 4 years to get pregnant with our first and then another 2 years for our 2nd. We always dreamed of having a large family but as we grow our family and as I learn more about my body and its struggles we put our faith more into the Lords hands and have decided he knows best and as we continue to work hard and grow he will bless us in whatever way he sees best for us and our family.

I love many things such as … Audio-books, Keeping busy, Relaxing, Family time, Harry Potter, Popcorn, Soaking in the sun, Swimming, Singing Preschool songs with my babes and much more. I love striving to serve the world by adding a little more love and a little less hate. I'm NOT the best at this but I try!

Babies are seriously the cutest! I LOVE going to the hospital or home right after a baby is born so I can capture those sweet cheeks, toes and all of the raw and beautiful emotions that come with having a baby!!

Photography is my way of connecting and remembering sweet moments. My memory is the WORST! BUT its why I LOVE photography so much! Pictures hold more than just words and faces. They hold feelings, memories and so much more!! It is my way of connecting and remembering! I love being able to help others hold their memories close too!

Photos by  Kristina Bills Photography